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Privacy policy

Updated Jul 2021

Delnas Metal Roofing complies with National Privacy Principles by:

  • only collecting information relevant to performing its functions or activities
  • ensuring the individual / company is aware of the purpose for which the information is being collected
  • taking reasonable steps to protect personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access
  • ensuring the information collected is only used for the primary purpose that what its being collected
  • obtaining written consent from the individual / company for any secondary purpose that the collected information may be used for
  • taking reasonable steps to ensuring personal information that is collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date
  • enabling any individual / company to gain access to information that has been collected about them by the company
  • not collecting sensitive information about an individual unless the individual consented or it is required by law
  • shredding any collected personal information that is no longer needed and/or required by the company
  • (on request) advising an individual / company what sort of personal information the company holds, for what purpose, how it collects, uses and discloses that information

Name:        Daryl Leishman

Position:   Director, Delnas Metal Roofing